Backorders and ETA's
It's taking FOREVER!

Out of Stock?! On backorder?!

What does backorder really mean?

When you place a backorder with Import Image, it means the part is out of stock at all available warehouses. 99% of the time this means NO ONE has any and we are all waiting on the manufacturers to ship out products to our warehouses. When manufacturers ship stock, they ship pallets out to multiple dealers at the same time, this is why suddenly everyone has the same products back in stock. When products arrive, they begin shipping out immediately in the que received. If you want something that's on backorder, you need to place the order ASAP!

If I keep searching, someone else will probably have it in stock.....

While sometimes this is true, it is most likely not the case. There are a few different types of companies out there,


Drop shippers  There are companies that do not stock any products. They dropship only from distribution sources. When their distribution is out, so are they. There are more dropship companies in our industry than dealers which hold stock. I'm not saying don't buy from these companies, but if you are on the hunt for products, you'll find they come up with the same inventory as other drop shippers.


Stocking Dealers/Distributors Import Image Racing is considered a stocking dealer. The same is true for Summit Racing, Jegs, Rallysport Direct, and MAPerformance. In many cases we buy/sell parts from each other. We all have our own individual stock of available items. We buy directly from the manufacturers as well as parts distribution networks. Along with our own stock in Florida, is the ability for Import Image Racing to drop ship from multiple warehouses around the US. We are well known for stocking large quantities of items that often are hard to find. If you are a California customer, we by any means possible will ship your product from the closest possible location, so you're not waiting for a shipment from Florida, unless of course that is the only warehouse with stock. Our goal is to get most products in your hands within 2 business days of ordering.

I found my part in stock elsewhere, can I cancel my order?

Absolutely you can, but we recommend you talk to us beforehand. Many websites have inventory errors. We have been in the industry for a long time and know the ropes, if it may be in stock elsewhere, we can help. If you wait on backorder for 1 month and cancel to order with someone else, there's a chance you'll be waiting longer than originally. Backorders go into an order que, the oldest orders will get shipped first. If the incoming stock from MFGs isn't enough to fill all the orders, you're going to get pushed back and wait even longer.


I asked for an ETA last month, and now it's changed to a longer one.

  Unfortunately, our ETA's come from manufacturers. We do not make them, but we have been in business long enough to know which ones are accurate and which ones are guesswork by the MFRs .Many times they tack on 30 days, 30 more days, etc. We remain open and honest with these. Our goal is to get you what you need, as fast as possible, even if you don't end up buying it from us. If you don't or can't wait any longer, message us, we can help you find an alternative product.

Can I get a discount because I've been waiting forever?

We wish this was the case, the only way this would ever be feasible is if we got discounts from MFGs for us waiting, don't count on that happening anytime soon. We offer the highest discounts we possibly can up front, so there is little to offer when it comes to pricing for discounts.

If part of my order is backordered will the rest of it ship?

We still do much of our processing with a trained eye. If you order a backordered downpipe and gaskets, we will most likely keep the order on hold.(What are you going to do with gaskets and no downpipe?!) If the parts on the order are rather unrelated we will split it up so we can get relative parts out to you as fast as possible. Feel free to message us about your order at any time and we can help.



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