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I did a lot of research for an exhaust, which includes the street vs. race exhaust that ISR provides for the genesis. I have a 2015 3.8, and this exhaust (without test pipes) is f***ing insane. Guys who slapped it on for me were even impressed with how raspy and loud it was with the cats in tact. It does pop, in case you were wondering- and at about 2rpms this thing lights up. I was worried about the drone because I drive far for work, but it’s insanely perfect. I can cruise with little to no drone (especially if you’re blasting music) but when you punch it I can’t help but smile cause good god it sounds like a beefy boy. Anyways, buy one. Now.


I broke 3 OEM mounts in 2 weeks. This one is still holding strong after 3 weeks. Plus great customer service from IIR and kein

Great products

I love my shirt, fits perfect, and is nice and breathable. The lanyard is skinny yet helpful with my numerous keys. Thanks again to the team I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Amazing power gains

I saw a 80 hp jump over my 93 map and tune. AMAZING.

Sounds amazingl..

Paired w / invidia r400 CBE it is too dope! great power gains as well

required for j pipe install w/ oem exhaust

if you are buying a j pipe and have stock oem cat back- buy this

sounds great and amazing quality

Would definitely recommend, paired w/ a grimspeed jpipe it sounds dope.

Works great! Must have

A must if your modding your subi .. your tuner will thank you.

Swift springs for the win !!

Shipping was really fast. Had it on my 370z and bought them for my G again. Loving how the springs dropped the car but not slammed, ride is also superb. Swift is a little price buy you get what you pay for, don't cheap out unless you like to bouncing around in your car,,,,

2018 RA sb, coolant and domtune cyl 4 mod

Lead time aside, Ive received everything Ive ordered this far to get my 05 FXT running again after a year sitting. Just broke 150 mi on the new RA short block with ARP studded heads, gasket kit, domtune cyl4 mod, coolant, clutch and various other parts. Prices are great and parts have been accurate and fit well. I may go to the Koyorad next after she's broken in completely. Ill buy here again.

Group N mount / whiteline bushings

What a world of difference in positive shift feel. So much tighter. No shifter wiggle in certain gears. Downshifting especially is much smoother. Group N and whiteline positive shift bushings go hand in hand. NVH is minimal from what I can tell. A must mod for the street / daily peeps. PFA

Easy install, great look

Love it, the f1 function is the best

Aem 340 pump

Great product, so far no issues. When instaling make sure to use the white dw filter instead of the aem one because the green one wont allow for the pump to clip into the hanger

An absolute must buy!!

Let me start by saying that this is a sick addition to WRX/STI in both form and function! It looks absolutely perfect both off and on, the blinking is a GREAT safety feature to let the car behind you know that you are braking but not blinding or overly bright. The blinking in reverse is something that can save you from an accident as it really draws attention of others as you are backing out of a parking spot (especially when you are between 2 very large vehicles). Install was plug and play with a total installation time in about 20 minutes or so. This should be on every car from the factory!

Great product, bad coolant overflow tank.

Install was great, instructions from their website were good. But it says to bolt the new overflow tank near the battery. Problem is it sits lower than the radiator cap so it just pours coolant out the top.

Better then expected

The do wonders for cornering and you notice an immediate difference after I installed them it felt like I had no power steering. You can corner way better but watch out if your intsalling it on a street car as it can cause the bumps in the road to throw the car if you going fast. It also takes a little to get used to because you won't need to weight transfer with the brakes as much and if you hard brake wile cornering it can slide. Lastly there weren't any good tutorials and at first I was woried because it didn't come with any hardware. However if you have an 04 like I do you won't need any because there is a factory brace and you just reuse that hardware.

Nice price

Deffenently a eye catcher very well made fast shipping

Great products

Works great, easy install and setup! AEM reliability

Perfect fit

Got this for my 2014 sti with stock intercom and it fit perfectly👌🏼

Best Quality!!

As always Grimmspeeds quality and performance are un matched!! The Catted J pipe for my 2018 WRX sounds AMAZING with my Remark Midpipe and my MAPerformance muffler deletes! Its loud so it may be better with a good subtle catback like invidia g300 or Q300 for the more casual enthusiast. However if your like me and you love hearing what the FA20 is truly Capable of go straight through lol. Check out my IG page for sound clips on the dyno @ Elanor_Rex5ive with the addition of accessport, Grimmspeed BCS, boomba BPV, and Grimmspeed stealth box intake, my 93 octane pro tune map is putting down 300whp n 300ft lbs of torque. Sounds possessed and rips like a monster. Def must have for every serious build..

Looks real good!

Very simple install! Looks really good a lot better than stock, it does not come with hardware so unless you have the hardware from the brackets of the top mount then you will need to go buy hardware, you also will need to remove the stock rubber ducting


It showed up on time and fit perfectly. When I had a question about my order, I got a prompt response. It was as good as it could get.