Project Kics 12X1.25 Black R26 Lug Nuts - 16+4

Project KICS
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Lug Nuts

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Here, you are looking at the KICS Racing Lug Nuts R26 Composite. These are super lightweight with each lug nut weighing in at just 26 grams. Additionally, these lug nuts have been designed with a swivel bevel on the leading edge so you won't scratch your wheels upon installation.


  • Black finish
  • 12 x 1.25mm thread pitch
  • Made using high-strength SCM435 alloy materials
  • Open-ended
  • Each lug nut weighs 26 grams
  • Floating washer seat provides torque retention and eliminates scratching on finished wheels
  • Includes (16) lug nuts
  • Includes (4) locking nuts
  • Includes 2 sockets one of which is for the locking lug nuts
  • Project Kics 12X1.25 Black R26 Lug Nuts - 16+4
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