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Blouch TD05H-440XT Turbocharger for 2005-2009 Legacy GT / 2008-2014 WRX

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Application: Subaru 2005-2009 Legacy GT and 2008-2014 WRX

The Blouch-440XT offers 440 crank HP capability in ‘05-’09Legacy GT/2008-2014 WRX fitment with the following state-of-the-art features:

  • Custom WRX/Legacy fitment compressor housing
  • Blouch billet 44lb/min compressor wheel with “XT” aero
  • Genuine Mitsubishi center housing with genuine Mitsubishi parts
  • Mitsubishi TD05H or Blouch custom “HPD” turbine wheel and shaft assy.
  • 7cm2, 8cm2 and Blouch custom 10cm2 turbine housing options
  • Complete with coolant pipes and oil drain tube installed and turbo mounting gaskets


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Doesn't look like the picture

I was expecting the turbine housing to be coated black on the compressor side. It didn't come that way. Plus it doesn't have anything on it labeling it's a blouch Turbo. Other than that I got the upgraded turbine 10 cm. Turbo is on the heavy side but it feels well made :)

05 outback build

Great turbo! Seen it in use on a friends car got my own really excited to see what it does

RIP My 5spd

470hp / 411 tq @21psi

I was absolutely blown away by what this turbo can pull off. I was expecting a conservative low 400's # when my car was tuned last week. Was I ever pleasantly surprised. Peak torque is at 4300rpm and stays flat all the way to redline. This was with an IAG stg 2 tuff block, stock heads w/ tomei poncams, ID1000's, e85, and just about every supporting mod available. I went with the 10cm hotside and HPD wheel and highly recommend it. Turbo lag is only slightly worse than stock and there's still more left in the turbo. I ended up running out of injectors. I'm confident I'll be able to break 500whp when I switch over to 1300's and a 6spd. This is way past what Blouch advertises for power levels (440 crank!). Not sure how I feel about that but I'll take it.

Ultimately, I should've gone with a turbo with an STI styled flange since I went fmic anyways and didn't need the 2 bolt flange anymore. It still works the same I just use the flange adapter supplied with the ETS fmic. So if you're going the same route I would consider this as well. Otherwise you won't be disappointed with this purchase.

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