Blouch 480XT Turbocharger 2005-2009 Legacy GT / 2008-2014 WRX

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Turbine Housing: 7cm Turbine Housing
Oil Line: No Oil Line
Turbine Wheel: Standard Turbine Wheel
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With horsepower at 480HP and 480 crank HP capability, this ain't your momma's Legacy.

Heres the scoop: Custom WRX/Legacy fitment compressor housing for 2005-2009 Legacy GT and 08+ WRX Blouch billet 48lb/min compressor wheel with XT aero (Only at BPT!) Genuine Mitsubishi center housing with genuine Mitsubishi parts Blouch HPD turbine aero is standard issue on the LGT-480XT 8cm2 and Blouch custom 10cm2 turbine housing options

Complete with coolant pipes and oil drain tube installed and turbo mounting gaskets As always, each Blouch Performance turbo comes complete with knowledgeable customer service. For 30 years, BPT has been serving customers as reflected in our products, inventory, in-house machine shop capabilities and service. So if you are looking for cutting edge turbocharger performance and customer service, Blouch Performance Turbo is the place for you!

Application: Subaru 2005-2009 Legacy GT and 2008+WRX

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