Forced Performance HTZ Blue Turbocharger 84mm Subaru WRX 2002-2007 / STI 2004-2021

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The FP Blue turbocharger for the Subaru WRX/STI features the 73mm HTZ compressor section with your choice of 58MM stock appearing cover or 84MM Flow Advancement Port compressor cover coupled to the 8cm2 turbine section. This combo produces the best balance of spool and power available on this platform. The FP Blue flows 57LB a minute capable of producing upwards of 475WHP.

Forced Performance Subaru Blue Turbocahrger features:

  • Compressor wheel - 73HTZ
  • Flow rating - 57LB per minute
  • CW Measurements - 52.6MM Inducer / 73MM Exducer
  • TW Measurements - 60.8MM Inducer / 54MM Exducer
  • Compressor Housing - 84MM FAP Cover
  • Turbine Housing - FP 8CM Subaru Turbine Housing
  • CHRA - FP Journal Bearing
  • Oil Line - Included

JR Tuned Review of the Blue including dyno sheet above.

Our Project Toilet Bowl (2000 Outback sports) hit the dyno today to do some testing on the new Forced Performance Turbochargers Blue stock location bolt on turbo. We have had it for weeks to test at the track, but the weather has really fucked that up for us. So we decided to thrown it on the dyno and see what kind of of numbers it could produce. Full boost by 3800rpm and able to hold 27-28psi to redline (7200) This thing spools like the HTA71 but makes power like a HTZ Green

Pump gas 93 = 430whp / 445tq E85 = 524whp / 527tq

Prime Motoring 2.5 Hybrid built by VinceBuilt Stock 2.0 cams/heads with IAG chambering GrimmSpeed 44mm external uppipe Grimspeed TMIC IAG Performance AOS IAG TGVD COBB Tuning v3 accessport SD with a JrTuned calibration =) SouthBay Fuel Injectors Inc 1600cc Injectors

In the past we have sold two different types of oil lines. They were known as Type 1 or Type 2, and it was too easy to get confused as to the type needed due to various model differences across the years. To solve this problem, we developed a new oil feed line that includes the parts for both Type 1 and Type 2 cars. The installation instructions below will show which parts to use based on which type of car you have, which is why we are still using the Type 1 and 2 designators.

Subaru Oil Feed Line Installation Instructions.

Type 1 - Type 1 instructions are to be used if at the oil feed location off the back of the head only feeds the turbo. See the diagram on the right below, if you have that type of oil line you will use the Type 1 instructions. This was formerly known as an non-AVCS line.

Type 2 - Type 2 instructions are to be used if at the oil feed location off the head splits and feeds the turbo and the AVCS solenoid. See the diagram on the left below, if you have that type of oil line you will use Type 2 instructions. This was formerly known as the AVCS Line.

Attention: All Forced Performance turbochargers are built to order to your exact specifications and should not be considered on the shelf ready to ship unless specifically noted on the work order. Build times vary by model of turbo and options of said turbocharger, therefore we cannot guarantee a delivery date or ETA.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. (

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