Invidia Gemini Rolled Titanium Tips Cat Back Nissan 350z 2003-2009

InvidiaSKU: invHS02N3ZGID

$976.71 $1,548


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Good product, great customer support

Exhaust looks good, sounds great, And fits perfect I ordered this along with an intake, intake arrived on time, but no sign of the exhaust. After longer than I’d like to admit spent on the phone with the company shipping the product, and the shipping company informed me they had lost my exhaust, and that I would have to wait 8 days before they (would acknowledge it was lost) would refund the shipper (IIR) so I could have a new one shipped out. After 10 minutes on the phone with Mrs Amanda not only did I have a new exhaust immediately shipped out, but she even sent it through a different shipper because of my frustration. The products IIR has are great, but the customer service is really what stands out. These folks are awesome and definitely have my business moving forward.

Great exhaust

This is a great looking and sounding exhaust. It is not excessively loud at all and doesn’t drone at highway speeds. It retains the stock tone of the vq engine unlike many others. As for performance gains I can’t say because this replaced another excessively loud aftermarket exhaust that was on the car when I bought it but I definitely didn’t notice any loss of power. Installation was simple and it fit very well. Only took a couple of hours on jack stands in my garage. My only complaint is that it didn’t come with exhaust gaskets to attach it to the catalytic converters so make sure you order those at the same time!

Best Exhaust for Price

Let’s start off by saying how fantastic IIR’s customer service is. They are willing to go through hoops to get you the product you need.

This Invidia Gemini catback exhaust is the best sounding exhaust you can buy at this price range. Loud enough to make you smile, but not overbearing. No rasp. Little to no drone. Takes a little while for the the exhaust to break in, only gets louder as you drive it. Nice low grumble. Awesome at WOT. Burnt tips give it a nice touch.

They’re great for performance

If you’re looking to keep the great VQ sound while sounding a tad bit deeper this is the exhaust for you! Easy installation, just note that this exhaust comes with gaskets for the exhaust you’ll have to replace the gaskets after the cat on your own.

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