Mishimoto Liquid Chill Coolant Additive

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Fuel and Coolant

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Part: # MMRA-LC

Mishimoto's Liquid Chill Coolant Additive can make your motor run up to 30°F cooler than a standard water/coolant mix. This additive evenly lubricates the metals in the motor for cooler temperatures overall even when compared to water alone. The additive is non-corrosive and also prevents future corrosion. Liquid Chill can be mixed before putting new coolant in your car or directly poured into the already used coolant that you are currently running. Liquid Chill is a great addition for any car be it a street or track machine.

This item is non application specific. Please verify compatibility before purchase. May require some modification for proper installation.
Mishimoto Liquid Chill Coolant Additive
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