Noble PRO F1 JDM Rear Fog Light Kit Subaru WRX 2022-2023

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PRO JDM Rear Fog Light Kit

Fitment Information:

2022-2023 Subaru WRX

Note: JDM & CAN vehicles do not share the same wiring as USDM vehicles. Although the connectors will install, your lighting functionality will not perform as desired.


  • Multi function lamp (F1 Brake / Parking)
  • Plug and play wiring harness
  • High output LEDs
  • Aftermarket design with bold bar surrounding the outside
  • Includes required installation hardware

Subarus in Japan have the opportunity to get a factory rear fog light as they come off the assembly line. However, US vehicles get a cheap plastic block off plate.

Put that area to use and spice up the rear end of your vehicle with an aftermarket JDM style rear fog light. This one adds a bold bar around the outside for a more modified appearance. Deviating from the traditional JDM rear fog lamp.


This F1 Rear Fog Lamp has well thought out functions. The F1 function grabs the attention of those behind you especially in emergency braking situations. We also realize that some of your time will be spent navigating through traffic. Our intelligent F1 function has a built in delay under these conditions. The brakes have to be released for a full 5 seconds or the lamp will go into a solid illumination and skip the F1 blinking pattern. This prevents a situation in which the lamp would blink blink constantly. In turn your aftermarket accessory will not become a nuisance or distraction to those around you.

NOTE: F1 blinking behavior can be enabled or disabled by user. Instructions included.

Parking light function acts as you would expect, providing additional illumination especially in foggy conditions (low mounted position).

Comparison Video

Installation Video

Installation Notes

Installation is simple with the plug and play harness and included hardware.
Lay out hardware and harness. Install the lamp and find a route for the wiring harness that does not expose the inside of the vehicle to possible water intrusion.
Plug in the harness and test the functions.


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