P2M Energy Halo : Nissan 370Z / Infiniti G37 / Q50 2009+

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Part #: P2-ENRR35-GM-2

P2M U.S Patented Energy Halo velocity stack for throttle body:

Car located is a pretty much bone stock Infiniti G37 coupe, which is a good car to test the before and after result.

1st Dyno Graph:

- Prior install the Energy Halo car made best run of 266.2rwhp / 225.9 ft lbs of torque
- After installation of the Energy Halo, car made increase in power to 269.8rwhp / 229.1 ft lbs of torque
- This is a increase of +3.5rwhp / +3 ft lbs of torque from the peak
- There is an overall increase in power curve and torque across the entire rpm range
- Driveability increase is definitely improved for street driven vehicle with increase in throttle response and increase in power can be felt throughout the entire rpm range
- Works for both Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37 / Q50
- Item sold in a pair of 2 rings

2nd Dyno Graph (2010 G37 Sedan Automatic with Takeda cold air intake and straight pipe with stock exhaust)
- Did 3 base run prior install of ring
- Did 3 after install run
- Overlapped 2 best run from both sessions, shaded color region clearly shows the mass improvement in torque and hp increase