Process West Intake Manifold Street Version Black Subaru WRX 2002-2005

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Part #: PRW-PWIM004B

The Process West Street Version Intake manifold takes the art of fabrication and gives it a Hail Mary. This intake manifold is the result of years worth of real world research and testing along with several prototypes and redesigns to provide you with a billet plenum with CNC machined tubes. The tubes feature high-end TIG welding which makes this intake manifold suitable to withstand 100 PSI of pressure in forced induction applications.

The plenum of this intake manifold has been fabricated from strong billet aluminum, with thick wall polished CNC mandrel bent tube components.

The combination of the plenum volume and runner length has been selected for an aggressive low, and mid-range torque while providing more power in the top end range. The plenum is large enough for serious gains, however, it is still compatible with the factory AC unit. The Street Version Intake Manifold is perfect to accommodate all modifications, and on a stock engine, Process West found up to 9% in gains in both power and torque.

This intake manifold was designed with several vacuum ports, and will definitely be a great addition to your engine bay.

Please verify that your car is Drive by cable throttle body before ordering. If you are unsure, please contact our customer service team.