Prosport Performance 52mm Electrical Boost Gauge - Blue/White

Gauges Boost

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This ELECTRICAL Boost Gauge will perform a pointer sweep/self check on start-up !

If your vehicle is supercharged or turbocharged then this gauge is simply a must have. For peak performance you need to know how much boost you are making at maximum RPM's.

Now you can track your peak boost as you modify your ride!

(-30~30 PSI includes Mounting hardware, Tubing kit, T-Adaptor, Electric sender, Hood and Instructions)

By using an electrical sender, only electrical wire needs to be run to the back of the gauge instead of tubing. This reduces the chances of having kinks in the boost line as it snakes up to the back of the gauge. This item is non application specific. Please verify compatibility before purchase. May require some modification for proper installation.
Prosport Performance 52mm Electrical Boost Gauge - Blue/White
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