Prosport Oil Filter Adaptor Plate

Engine Oil Filters and Adapters

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Size :

This is a great product to make installing your Oil Pressure and Oil Temperature senders easy. This plate screws on under your oil filter and it has 4 1/8" NPT fittings. So, no more drilling and taping holes. Just unsrew your oil filter, screw the plate down in the same manner as you would install your oil filter, and then screw your oil filter back on and install our Oil Pressure or Oil Temperature senders. Comes with 4 plugs, O-ring gasket and instructions. The plate can even be rotated 360 degrees give you the most room to install the senders.

We carry these in five sizes:
M20 x 1.5- Fits most Subaru, Non-metric Honda, Mitsubishi, Acura, Hyundai , Nissan Sentra 2.5L, 350Z, & Mazda RX-7, Porsche, RX-8 & Honda S2000
Note:-Some modification required for 06' and newer Subaru to make this fit. You may also consider our remote oil Pressure Kit.
M22 x 1.5 - Fits Mazda 6, Ford (6.8L super duty, 4.0L Mustang, Explorer, sport trac, Mustang GT 4.6L, 5.4L F-Series, Metric Mercury V6/V8, Metric Honda Civic/CRX & Some Metric Chevy's and Fords.
3/4 UNF-16 - Fits some Nissans, VW, Ford, BMW, Scion, SRT-4, SR20, Toyota & Jeep
3/4 UNF-16-Long Shaft- Fits Toyota Celica, Scion Tc, & MR2
13/16 UNF-16 - Fits most early 4, 6 & 8 cyl. Chevys,(305, 5.0, 5.7) Some 4,6,8 cyl. Buick, Pontiac & Oldsmobile
Usage Example:
As shown with water temp and premium Oil Pressure senders installed.
This item is non application specific. Please verify compatibility before purchase. May require some modification for proper installation.
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