SMY Fuel Feed Hose Kit Subaru WRX 2015-2021

Fuel Lines

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Part #: SMY-FLK-FA20

Clean up your engine bay with this simple to install fuel line hose upgrade. This kit replaces the awkward OEM fuel feed tube going from the hard line on the firewall to the engine. The hose material is nylon and stainless steel braided over a synthetic rubber hose pre assembled with high quality black AN aluminum fittings.

- Supports Fuel Temperatures -40 degrees to 300 degrees
- 500 PSI Rated Hose
- Black Aluminum -6an Fittings
- Gasoline and E85 Compatible
- Nylon Braided Black w/ Red

- 1 x Hose with -6an Female Fittings Pre-Installed
- 2 x 5/16 quick disconnect EFI adapter fittings

SMY Fuel Feed Hose Kit Subaru WRX 2015-2021
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