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IHI VF43: The IHI VF43 comes stock on the 2007 STi. It has almost identical features of the VF39 with a thrust bearing and a P18 exhaust housing, but the wastegate opening is larger to relieve boost creep issues. The VF43 is capable of 290 whp* on the EJ20. and over 350whp on EJ25

Either replace or remove the inline oil screen as per TSB. If not replaced will cause oil starvation and will not be covered under warranty.

Warranty Disclaimer: Subaru of America will only warranty parts installed by a CERTIFIED Subaru Dealership. The part being installed must also match the vehicle VIN. IE If you install an STi block in a WRX at your friends shop, do not expect a warranty claim to come through if it explodes! Please use your best judgement.