Turn In Concepts Holy Shift Set Stock Lever Subaru STI 2008-2021

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2008 STi owners!!! Please take note - there are two versions of the Holy Shift Set car for you car. One is for the guys intending to use an aftermarket shift lever. The other is for guys who intend to use the stock shift lever. Holy shift!!! It's all the STi shifter bushings in one package for a good price!! Please note this is the version for use with stock shift levers. Here's what you get: Kartboy 6MT front shifter stay bushing Kartboy rear shifter stay bushing TiC 06+ STi linkage bushings TiC 5MT wide pivot bushings (these are what work with the new 6MT stock lever) Why the two versions? It has to do with the pivot on the lever.

Subaru made a change for the 2008 models by going to a common pivot bushing for all models. Rather than redesign all the 6MT levers on the market and further complicating matters the aftermarket guys are going to stick with the 04-07 design and just use the TiC 6MT pivot bushings to allow the lever to mate up.

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