Torque Solution Pro Billet Spark Plug Gap Tool: Universal w/ Feeler Gauge

Spark Plugs and Plasma Coils

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Torque Solution Pro Billet Spark Plug Gap Tool w/ Feeler Gauge
Applications: Universal for 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 16mm threaded Spark Plugs

Torque Solution Pro Billet Spark Plug Gap Tool will give you that perfect gap every time. Our tool is 100% CNC Billet Aluminum design from the body to the knob. The tool features a large knurled knob for a sure grip, comfort and precise adjustment.. No more finding something to bang the spark plug on and having to test it over and over till you got it just right. Do it once with precision using our gap tool.

Easy to use steps:
1. Open the adjuster to allow proper clearance for your spark plug.
2. Set your spark plug into our gap tool making sure the electrode to ground strap opening is facing up.
3. Screw the adjuster down till it makes contact with the spark plug ground strap.
4. Using your desired size feeler gauge screw the adjuster in to compress the ground strap till you reach your desired gap. Do not compress onto the feeler gauge. Use the feeler gauge to test the gap as you screw in the adjuster.
5. Loosen the adjuster and confirm the desired gap has been achieved. May need to repeat step 4.
6. Once desired gap is achieved simply remove the spark plug.

- 6061 Billet Aluminum
- Black Anodized W/ Torque Solution logo
- Fits Most Spark Plugs
- Feeler Gauge: 0.04 - 0.88 mm, 32 Blades
- Limited Lifetime Warranty

**Not compatible with 18mm thread and longer style spark plugs.
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Torque Solution Pro Billet Spark Plug Gap Tool: Universal w/ Feeler Gauge
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