Walbro Hellcat 525LPH F90000285 Fuel Pump E85 Compatible

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Fuel Pumps

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Installation Kit :

Part number: walF90000285

This is the high pressure 525lph fuel pump by Walbro (F90000285). This fuel pump does not come with an install kit and is sold separately. We recommend this install kit if you need one :) 


Compatible fuel(s): E10 (87, 91 and 93 octane pump fuel), E85, race gas (110-116 octane fuel)

Location: Submerged in-tank fuel pump

Flow rate: 470lph at 40psi


Is this fuel pump right for me? Our recommendation is anything 500hp to the tire (on E85), use this pump or if you need more, check out the Radium double pump basket that accepts two of these bad bois. That way you have ample fuel to make your power goals. 

Why high pressure over low pressure? The high pressure pump is safer for higher fuel pressure. Most cars run a 43.5psi base pressure, with a rising rate regulator. Often times you'll super high fuel pressure depending on your setup at WOT (wide open throttle). 

Walbro Hellcat 525LPH F90000285 Fuel Pump E85 Compatible
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