WedsSport SA-20R 18x9.5 +45 5x114.3 WBC (72751) Wheel


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Part #: WED72751

Same as all other SA Series wheels, it is designed to provide ample amount of brake clearance for cars with aggressive brake system (i.e. STI / EVO). 19" and 20" can clear many of Lexus GS/RC larger brake system.

* For aftermarket big brake kit. Please consult us for brake clearance.

Each SA54R wheel include a aluminum air valve stem. (Part No. S41A2B)
Center Cap Included -
19"/20" VI-SILVER (52697) / Metal Black (52491)
All 15"~18" (52317)
52373 is a optional cap (Sold separately)

WedsSport SA-20R 18x9.5 +45 5x114.3 WBC (72751) Wheel
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