WedsSport RN-05M 18x8.5 +36 5x120 GBK (72769) Wheel


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Part #: WED72769

The WedsSport RN-05M features the DOUBLE AMF MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY which reduces weight and increases strength on both front and rear rim barrel without having to add material. The AIR PLUS TECHNOLOGY stems from WedsSport's motor sport racing program where the wheel is capable to carry more air volume.

Each RN05M wheel include a aluminum air valve stem. (Part No. S41A2B)
One Center Cap # 52491 is included for GBK Finish.
Optional Center Cap # 52373 & 52317 are sold separately.

WedsSport RN-05M 18x8.5 +36 5x120 GBK (72769) Wheel
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